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The History Behind Procesing FHA Mortgage Insurance Refunds

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD/FHA) works with several lenders nationwide in assisting potential home buyers in getting loan approval.

Through an agreement with these lenders HUD/FHA will step in and make the required monthly mortgage payments if the people cannot. This in turn enables the individual to get loan approval and to purchase the home with much less down. This has helped millions of people buy homes who otherwise would never have been able to qualify.

In order for HUD/FHA to assist these people they must pay into an insurance policy on that loan. There are two insurance policies used with this program. One of these policies is the One Time Mortgage Insurance Premium, or OTMIP. This policy requires one payment to be made upfront at the time the mortgage is acquired.

The other policy is the Mutual Mortgage Insurance policy, or MMI. This policy is paid during the life of the loan.

These people were told that if they paid back the loan without defaulting on any mortgage payments, either by selling the home, making the required payments, or by refinancing the home, they would be entitled to a refund on the amount that was paid into the insurance policy.

HUD/FHA even sends them a letter but if they do not make an attempt to collect the refund for a period of two years, the refund is then deposited into an unclaimed account.

The result is that there are currently thousands of unclaimed cases resulting in millions of unclaimed dollars.

In 1986, HUD/FHA established an effective way of getting this money back to the people. They decided to publish state listings of these unclaimed refund cases and allow anyone who is interested to assist in getting these unclaimed refunds to the people they are owed to.

You are allowed to work from home, contact these people, let them know they have an unclaimed refund, provide them with a ''found case'' form, and then collect a generous processing fee for the assistance you provide. The processing fee you collect can be as much as 20% of the amount of the refund.

The Refund Processor Quick-Start Kit available through United Refund Services will provide you with everything you need to be successful in this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to review our list of Frequently Asked Questions. This should help answer any questions you may have about this program.

You can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page by clicking here.

The Unclaimed Refund Cases

The following is an actual unclaimed case. First you will see the name of the refund recipient. The address, city, state abbreviation and zip code shows you where their HUD/FHA insured mortgage was paid off. Following the address is the amount of the refund. The 9 digit number following the refund amount is the case number (the case number is needed when completing the Found Case form). And lastly, the date shows you when the refund became available.

Kurth, Jeffrey 3038 E. Escuda Rd. Phoenix, AZ 90019 Amount: $2,217.64 #023-012496 Date: 4/30/2001

If you were to process this unclaimed case, a 20% processing fee would equal $443.

Many cases you process will have approximately the same unclaimed amount as the example above. However, some refunds are much larger therefore your processing fee would increase as well. Keep in mind that you can also charge a ''flat'' fee.

The following is another actual unclaimed case.

Trotter, Ruth 2845 St. James Place., Altadena, CA 91001 Amount: $4,029.42 #197-182283 Date: 11/01/2001

Using the above example, you could charge a 20% processing fee which would equal $805.

Even If you were to only charge a $75 ''flat'' fee per case, and by working just part-time you helped only one or two people receive their refunds per week, you can then get a good idea of how much earning potential this program offers if you wanted to take it further.

Ordering state listings from HUD/FHA

HUD/FHA offers state listings of unclaimed cases that are updated on a monthly basis. The following are the prices for state listings available through HUD/FHA -- excluding shipping and handling.

Note: Expect 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of state listings ordered from HUD/FHA.

Alabama (AL) $25
Alaska (AK) $20
Arizona (AZ) $40
Arkansas (AR) $20
California (CA) $135
Colorado (CO) $25
Connecticut (CT) $25
Delaware (DE) $20
Dist. of Columbia (D.C.) $20
Florida (FL) $60
Georgia (GA) $30
Hawaii (HI) $20
Idaho (ID) $20
Illinois (IL) $30
Indiana (IN) $30
Iowa (IA) $20
Kansas (KS) $20
Kentucky (KY) $20
Louisiana (LA) $25
Maine (ME) $20
Maryland (MD) $25
Massachusetts (MA) $30
Michigan (MI) $45
Minnesota (MN) $25
Mississippi (MS) $25
Missouri (MO) $30
Montana (MT) $20
Nebraska (NE) $20
Nevada (NV) $25
New Hampshire (NH) $20
New Jersey (NJ) $40
New Mexico (NM) $25
New York (NY) $75
North Carolina (NC) $25
North Dakota (ND) $20
Ohio (OH) $35
Oklahoma (OK) $30
Oregon (OR) $25
Pennsylvania (PA) $35
Puerto Rico (PR) $65
Rhode Island (RI) $20
South Carolina (SC) $25
South Dakota (SD) $23
Tennessee (TN) $30
Texas (TX) $70
Utah (UT) $25
Vermont (VT) $20
Virginia (VA) $30
Washington State (WA) $35
West Virginia (WV) $20
Wisconsin (WI) $20
Wyoming (WY) $20

If you would like to purchase state listings from HUD/FHA you can do so by using the HUD/FHA State Listings Order Form. Expect approximately four to six weeks for delivery of state listings ordered from HUD/FHA.

Remember that processing just one unclaimed case can pay for these state listings.

United Refund Services includes these unclaimed cases on a state-by-state basis, with the purchase of the quick-start kit.

These state listings will come in sets of 300 cases, and are provided in standard HTML format, which means they can be viewed by any Web browser including WebTV. To view the cases, simply click on the state listing link of your choice.

To see an example of the unclaimed cases that you will receive from United Refund Services, click here. These are actual unclaimed cases from the Miami, Florida metropolitan area.

Benefits of The Quick-Start Kit

The following are just a few benefits of The Refund Processor Quick-Start kit.

  • You can set your own hours.

  • You can work as much or as little as you choose.

  • There's no selling involved.

  • You can work by yourself, with someone else, or in a group if you want to.

  • You can have the rewarding feeling of helping others.

  • You can make extra part-time income or take it much further if you choose.

  • You can start immediately.

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