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Processing Just One Refund Can Be Very Profitable

Quick-Start Kit Recent Upgrades

United Refund Services continuously provides upgrades to the quick-start kit to ensure that you remain up-to-date on the latest refund processing concepts and strategies. Be sure to revisit this page in the future to learn about new upgrades when they become available.


New public records database inclusions for the ProSearch Investigations System, for more in-depth searches.

The ProSearch Investigations Systemis a searchable directory and people-tracing tutorial which will allow you to use your computer to immediately access the same investigative resources used by private investigators and other professionals.

Locate hard-to-find-people, instantly access property ownership records, court documents and more. Click here for complete information. This great resource will further enhance your success in this program.


Unclaimed refund case listings updated.


We have added another processing method to the quick-start kit which you may wish to use in addition to the standard approach. This method will allow refund recipients to learn of the service you offer by using a basic webpage to advertise your service.

When you are contacted by an individual inquiring about a refund, you simply run a search for their name in the refund search database, which you will have free access to. This database contains every current unclaimed HUD/FHA refund case in the country.

To see an example of this method Click here.

Our webpage tutorial will show you how to build a quick, professional-looking webpage even if you don't have any web design experience, plus how to advertise your refund processing service for free on the World Wide Web.

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