ousing and Urban Development/Federal Housing Administration) program has had to pay an MMI or an MIP insurance policy on that loan. HUD/FHA will issue a refund to those who overpaid, upon the paying off their mortgage. The MIP policy is paid upfront, whereas the MMI is paid over time. If an individual who had an MIP insurance policy pays off their mortgage within 8 years either by making the required payments, refinancing or selling the home, HUD/FHA will issue them a premium refund for the amount that they overpaid on that policy. For example, if a person has an upfront payment policy on a 30 year mortgage and pays off that mortgage in 7 years, they are entitled to a refund on 23 years of mortgage insurance.

These insurance policies allow the borrower to take out the loan with less money down, and at the same time guarantee the lender that if the borrower does not make the payments on that loan, HUD/FHA will step in and make the payments. This program has helped millions of people purchase homes, whereas if it were not for this program, would never have been able to qualify.

MMI was in effect prior to Sept. 1, 1983, and MIP came into effect starting Sept.1, 1983. MMI is paid by adding an extra 0.5% on the loan. You will process all refunds the same way whether or not they had an MMI or MIP policy on that loan.

The people who are entitled to a refund but were unable to be contacted by HUD/FHA are placed on a state listing. There is a 2 year period where HUD/FHA will wait to place their name on the state listing.

Included With This Program

First you will see that we have provided the training information. This training information will show you how to make contact with your clients and how to get paid for your services.

Next is information for ordering new unclaimed cases. These cases are updated monthly and offered on a state by state basis. Even tough these cases are updated monthly it is only necessary to purchase them about once every three months.

The prices listed below are what HUD/FHA charges for each of their state listings, excluding the shipping and handling fee. Expect approximately 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. You will see the order form for these lists at the bottom of this page.

Alabama = $25 Alaska = $20 Arizona = $40 Arkansas = $20
California = $135 Colorado = $25 Connecticut = $25 Delaware = $20 Washington DC = $20 Florida = $60 Georgia = $30 Hawaii = $20 Idaho = $20 Illinois = $30 Indiana = $30 Iowa = $20 Kansas = $20 Kentucky = $20 Louisiana = $25 Maine = $20 Maryland = $25 Massachusetts = $30 Michigan = $45 Minnesota = $25 Mississippi = $25 Missouri = $30 Montana = $20 Nebraska = $20 Nevada = $25 New Hampshire = $20 New Jersey = $40 New Mexico = $25 New York = $75 North Carolina = $25 North Dakota = $20 Ohio = $35 Oklahoma = $30 Oregon = $25 Pennsylvania = $35 = $35 Rhode Island = $20 South Carolina = $25 South Dakota = $23 Tennessee = $30 Texas = $70 Utah = $25 Vermont = $20 Virginia = $30 Washington State = $35 West Virginia = $20 Wisconsin = $20 Wyoming = $20

You will have more success finding the more current cases. In addition, the refund recipients have 6 years to claim their refund from the date the refund became available. With this in mind, you will want to work cases where the date on the list shows a date no older than 6 years prior to the current date.

*Note: The term Processor and Tracer are both commonly used to describe this service.

The Found Case Form

The ''Found Case'' form is the form you will provide to your clients when you locate them, and is very basic. The first part is your information. The second part is the updated address information of the person who is due the unclaimed refund. The third part is the property address where this HUD/FHA insured mortgage was paid off. The areas titled ''Date Acquired'' - ''Date Property Sold if Applicable'' - ''Date Mortgage Was Paid Off'', are for your client to fill in.

The following is the Found Case form. Once the Found Case form is completed it is sent to HUD/FHA. This will start the process of issuing a refund to your client. Later on you will be shown at what point this form is needed and how it is used. You may either print this form out or reduplicate it entirely.

Tracer Found Case

Distributive Share -- Mortgage Insurance Premium Refund

Tracer Name ____________________________________
Address ______________________________ Apt. No. ______

City________________________State ________________ Zip Code __________

Telephone Number (____)________________


FHA Case Number |__|__|__|--|__|__|__|__|__|__| Important. Do not omit.

Name ________________________________________

(First, middle initial and last name)


(Additional Names)

Address _______________________________________

(Street and Apt. No.)


(City, State and Zip Code)

Telephone Number |__|__|__|--|__|__|__|--|__|__|__|__|
(Include Area Code)

FHA PROPERTY ADDRESS / INFORMATION: Street ________________________________
Apt No.______

City ________________________________ State ________________ Zip Code _____________

Date Title Acquired __________ Date Property Sold, If Applicable __________ Date Mortgage Was Paid Off __________

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is not a party to any financial agreement between the Tracer and the claimant.
Mortgagor(s): I/We, hereby certify that I/We never received a distributive share or premium refund from HUD in connection with this FHA insured mortgage. I/We consent to the above Tracer submitting this form on our behalf.

Signature(s) of Mortgagor(s)

___________________________________________ DATE __________
Forward Your Found Cases To:
Department of Housing and Urban Development Distributive Shares Branch P.O. Box 23699 Washington D.C. 20026-3699


HUD/FHA will allow you to check on the payment status of a client's refund during this process, if your client signs a ''waives all rights to privacy'' release authorizing this. This is found on the contract that is included with this information. If you choose to check on the payment status of a client's refund, submit your request in writing to HUD/FHA, and accompany that with a copy of your client's privacy rights release.

Be sure to wait at least 120 days before contacting HUD/FHA regarding the payment status of a refund.

Finding your future clients

Next, we will cover the ways to ''trace'' the people you are looking for. The internet is probably the best first approach to use for most people unless you live in a large metropolitan area where a standard local phonebook can be a great asset.

Free white pages searches are available on the internet, such as www.whitepages.com. With these free internet white page directories you are able to search any state, and can even search for people by city, anywhere in the entire country.

Another very good way to trace unclaimed refund recipients is by using property appraiser/assessor and tax collector databases. There are more of these coming online all the time. Each county government contains these departments. Many of these property appraiser/assessor and tax collector departments offer these online databases and allow the public to browse through records for free. Many of these databases list property owners by name, and list their current address.

A good way to locate an online property apparaiser/assessor or tax collector department of a county you are interested in is to use a search engine. For example if you wanted to find the Dade county property appraiser website, simply search for Dade county Florida property appraiser.

A good website for locating these types of public databases is www.pac-info.com. Simply choose a state then you will have the option to log onto various county databases.

Sometimes you will find the refund recipient still residing at the address located on the list. This usually means they have refinanced their home.

If at anytime during the course of your tracing you feel that you have found the person you are looking for, you will want to send them a notification letter along with a contract (contract example included with this information). Always be sure to provide them with a return envelope as well. In regards to contracts, we advise you to determine what contract is best for you. United Refund Services is not endorsing the use of any specific contract, but merely illustrating an example of an effective contract that you may wish to use.

The following letter is an example of what to use once you are certain of their whereabouts, or at least reasonably certain.

Most people seem to pick through their mail, separating what they perceive to be ''junk mail'' from other mail like bills, etc., so a hand written envelope is a good way to get their attention.

Dear (refund recipient's name),

My name is (your name), and I'm an Independent Unclaimed Money (Tracer or Processor, which ever you prefer). I try to find people who have unclaimed refunds and reunite them with it.

The U.S. Government branch holding these unclaimed refunds attempts to contact these people for two years, then places them on state lists that are made available to Tracers, if they were unsuccessful.

My information shows a (refund recipient's name) who owns or once owned a property located at (property address shown on the list), as having an unclaimed refund. The amount of the refund is $(amount shown on list). This refund is not earning interest.

My only wish is to be compensated for what is known as a ''Finders Fee'' if my work leads to the successful collection of this refund. This fee is $(amount you will charge) and is only to be paid after you receive your refund. This fee is very reasonable considering the amount of time it requires to provide this service.

If you are mentioned here, and you would like me to immediately disclose to you the reason for this unclaimed refund, then just complete the enclosed agreement stating that I have located the correct person(s), and that you will pay me for my services after you receive your refund check. I have provided a return envelope for your convenience. The blank spaces on the agreement indicate where your current address or signature is to be placed.

After I receive the completed agreement, I will inform you of who is holding this money, in the form of a letter. If you would rather be informed by phone, then just request this and provide your phone number. You will receive this letter along with a Found Case form, within five (5) business days after I receive the completed agreement. Completing the Found Case form and sending it in to the government branch holding this refund will start the process of collecting it.

I hope my work has lead me to the rightful owner of this refund.

Sincerely, (your name)

Fill in the spaces on the contract that pertain to you before sending it to them. A processing fee, 5% to 20% is widely considered fair. You can even charge a ''flat'' fee for your service. Keeping in mind that many recipients still live at the same address on the list, you could even send a notification letter along with a contract to every name/address on the list, as your first approach.

Also enclosed in this envelope you will find the Power of Attorney form. The Power of Attorney form will allow the refund check to be sent to your address if your client agrees and signs it. You might decide not to use this document because most people will be hesitant about having their refund check being sent to an address other than their own.

The Follow-Up Letter

Once you have received the completed contract back from a client, send a ''follow-up'' letter to them explaining what their refund is for, and a ''Found Case'' form. Fill in the spaces on the Found Case form that pertain to you, as well as the HUD/FHA case #, and the address near the bottom of the form where their HUD/FHA insured mortgage was paid off (this is the address that you will see on the state list) The area at the very bottom of the Found Case form that reads ''Date Title Acquired'', ''Date Property Sold If Applicable'', ''Date Motgage Was Paid Off'', can be found out by your client by contacting the lender of that mortgage. They can mail the Found Case form to HUD/FHA, or you can do it for them once they have completed it. Remember that you may copy or reduplicate any of the forms enclosed in this envelope.

Dear (recipient's name),

I have received the completed agreement including the necessary signature(s) desiring to have the reason for this unclaimed money made known to you, and stating you will pay the required $(amount you are charging) Finder's Fee within five (5) days after you receive your $________ unclaimed government check.

This refund check that is due you is a result of the HUD/FHA Mortgage Insurance Program. Refunds are due back to people on insurance policies that they paid to HUD/FHA while they were being issued a mortgage, if they meet the requirements.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will issue a refund check for the money that was paid into these insurance policies to the people who did not default on any mortgage payments during the life of the loan. An attempt is made by HUD to contact the refund recipient(s) regarding their unclaimed refund for two (2) years.

Included with this letter is the Tracer Found Case form. The first part of the Tracer Found Case form is my information, the second part is your updated information, the third part is the information regarding the property where this HUD/FHA insured mortgage was paid off. The areas on the Tracer Found Case form labeled ''Date Title Acquired'', ''Date Property Sold If Applicable'' and ''Date Mortgage Was Paid Off'' can be found out by contacting your lender of that mortgage. If you don't remember who the lender was, HUD can tell you.

About two (2) weeks after the the completed Tracer Found Case form is sent in, you will receive a form from HUD called a ''Notice of Distributive Shares or Premium Refund''. HUD will need proof that you either own or once owned the property and you will need to send them a copy of your proof of ownership for that home (such as a mortgage note paid in full, deed of tust, etc.) along with the completed ''Notice of Distribtive Shares or Premium Refund'' form, back to HUD.

Approximately 90 to 120 days after you send in your completed ''Notice of Distributive Shares or Premium Refund'' form with a copy of proof of ownership, you will receive your refund check. A good idea is to ask for a copy of the proof of ownership document from that lender while you are obtaining the ''Date Title Acquired'', ''Date Property Sold If Applicable'' and ''Date Mortgage Was Paid Off'' information for the Tracer Found Case form.

In cases where two (2) people are shown as refund recipients, both signatures will be required at all times. The only exceptions are as follows: When one recipient had exclusive rights to the property at the time it was sold. If this is the case, then the proper court documents also need to be sent in along with the ''Notice of Distributive Shares or Premium Refund'' form. And, if one of the recipients is deceased, a copy of the death certificate will also have to be sent to HUD along with the ''Notice of Distributive Shares or Premium Refund'' form.

HUD Contact Info.

Department of Housing and Urban Development
Distributive Shares Branch
P. O. Box 23699
Washington D.C. 20026-3699

Even though the rest of this process involves yourself, HUD and the lender of that mortgage, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

(your contact info)

It has been my privilege to have been able to help you regarding this matter.

(your name)

The Contract

Contract - Page 1 of 2

This contract is made this day of ____________________,20___


(Name or Names), (Recipient's Address, City, State, Zip)


(Your Name),
(Your Address, City, State, Zip, Telephone Number)

With regard to the following recitals:

WHEREAS, (Recipient's Name) may have a valid claim, for funds in the amount of $ (Amount of Refund) from the U.S. Government; and

WHEREAS, (Recipient's Name) waives all rights of privacy and expressly authorizes (Your Name) to obtain payment information that has been approved and certified by the U.S. Government relative to this claim for $(Amount of Refund); and

WHEREAS, (Recipient's Name) has not knowingly applied for the $(Amount of Refund) governmental claim at any other time or through any other individual or company; and

WHEREAS, (Your Name) is in the business of locating and issuing the necessary documents to the U.S. Government for the payment of funds on behalf of a valid claimant; and

WHEREAS, (Recipient's Name) is desirous of having (Your Name) process the necessary documents in (Recipient's Name) behalf for a fee.

THEREFORE, the parties, by reason of the aforesaid recitals and by the mutual agreement hereinafter contained, do hereby stipulate and agree as follows:

I, (Recipient's Name), authorizes (Your Name) to act as his/her/their agent for a fee.

BY AND BETWEEN: (Recipient's Name)
AND: (Your Name)

2. (Recipient's Name), certifies that that he has occupied and/or retained title to:

(Property Address, City, State, Zip)


Page 2 of 2

3. (Recipient's Name) shall execute any and all documents necessary for (Your Name) to perform the service to obtain the government check in the amount of $(Amount of Refund).

4. (Recipient's Name), shall pay to you (Your Name) a processing fee of (Percentage)% ($ Amount of Fee Charged) for their services, within 5 working days from the receipt of the $(Amount of Refund) government check.

5. (Recipient's Name), understands that the $(Amount of Refund) government check will arrive at his mailing address, direct from the government within 120 days after this agreement is received at the (Your Address Street's Name) office of (Your Name)

6. Should suit be commenced or an attorney employed to enforce payment of the sum $(Amount of Refund), Processing Fee, pursuant this agreement (Recipient's Name) agrees to pay such additional sum as the court may adjudge reasonable as attorney's fees in said suit.

7. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of (Your State).

By And Between: (Recipient's Name)

And: (Your Name)

Signed, this ____day of________________, 20___

Other Ways To Locate People

If you are unable to locate the refund recipient by using the previously mentioned search methods, perhaps the people who now occupy the home know where they have moved to.

The following example is of a letter to send to the same address shown on your list.

Dear (refund recipients name) or Current Resident,

We are trying to contact a (person's name) who has an unclaimed fund in the exact amount of $ ( ). If you have any knowledge of ( person's name) where abouts or if this is he/she that we talking about, please contact us. We would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks so much for your help! Sincerely, sign your name and follow that with your address, city, state, zip code and phone #.

Writing letters to neighbors can be considered if the first letter writing approach did not yield any results. You will want to send 3 to 5 letters. These letters will let them know that you are wanting to locate the person who used to live at the address because they are due a claim, and if they know where that person has moved to. These letters will request that they give you their new address information if they have it. You will provide your name, address and phone number so they can contact you if they have that information.

You can guess at 3 to 5 addresses that you think may be on that street, or look into using what is known as a ''Criss Cross Directory.'' These Criss Cross Directories are found at your local library, and can tell you the address across the street from the person you are looking for. You can also ask your local library about purchasing one as well.

The next letter is the letter you would send to 3 to 5 neighbors of a person you are trying to contact, if the first letter writing example was unsuccessful.

If you are trying to locate a person whose address on your refund case list is shown as 2314 Montgomery Ave., you may want to guess at possible addresses and send a letter to:

2312 Montgomery Ave.
2313 Montgomery Ave.
2315 Montgomery Ave.
2316 Montgomery Ave.
2317 Montgomery Ave.

Address the letters to: The Current Resident of:

Here's an example of this letter:

Dear Current Resident,

We are trying to locate (person's name) who formerly lived at (property address).

(Person's name) has a beneficiary claim that is due to him/her. Our job is to locate this individual and process the claim. We are not allowed to disclose the nature of this unclaimed fund.

If you are aware of the current address of this person, please send it to us with your name and address. Please send this information to: (then leave your name, address, city, zip code, and phone #).

(Include your phone number, but let them know that you will not accept collect calls unless you choose to)

Example of letter continued...

Thank you very much for your help!

Sincerely, Your Name
phone number.

The ''Up Front'' Payment Method

Next we will explain the ''Up Front'' payment method.

In this approach you can use some of the same examples of tracing that were listed earlier to contact them, and you can call them if you feel that you have located their phone number.

If you are going to call them, first you should say:

''Hello, I'm (your name) I'm a processor in helping beneficiaries of unclaimed funds. My job is simply to locate you and to inform you of your unclaimed fund. This fund is rather small, in the amount of (Amount of Refund).''

If they ask: ''Who do you work for?'' ''Who died?'' ''Where is this money coming from?'' ''Did somebody pass away?''

Then you should say: ''(their name), I'm an independant processor for unclaimed funds. I cannot disclose over the phone the nature of the funds without having confirmed I.D.. The money has been available to you for over ( ) years''

Note: To find out how long the money has been available, just subtract todays date from the date on the tracer listing.

At this point they will say: ''Well what do I do now?'' ''Can we meet?'' ''When can I get my money?''

Then you need to say ''If you would lke me to disclose and process your claim you need to set up an appointment to come to my office. You will need to bring with you proper identification and a processing fee for me to process your your claim in the amount of $(amount you will charge)

If they say: ''Well okay, let's make an appointment.'' Then you'll need to set up an appointment that's good for the both of you. Make sure you give directions to your home or office. Never go to their home. Remember, you are the one who is doing them a favor.

If they say: ''I don't have the money to pay you'' You can simply tell them that that's fine, they can call you whenever they have the available funds. Act as if you could care less whether or not they do it today or next year.

If you don't care if they pay you up front and you don't mind them paying you after they receive their funds, you need to let them know that they can simply sign a contract stating they will pay you after they receive their funds.

If they say: ''I'm not interested.'' You should say: ''Sir/Ma'am, the money has been available to you for (# of years) years and it's not drawing any interest. The money is rightfully yours. Would you like me to leave my name and number, you can contact me at my home anytime?''

If they say: ''How do I know this is for real?'' You should say: ''Sir/Ma'am, as soon as you sign my contract, I immediately disclose all documentation and process your claim.''

If they say: ''I don't mind paying you but I'm not paying anyone until I get this money in my hands.''

You should say: ''That's fine but I want you to understand that even though we will sign a contract, if you do not pay me I will not waste anytime taking you to small claims court.''

If you are helping people who are far away, they will say: ''You live far away, is there any way we can do this by mail?''

You need to say: ''Yes, I can allow you to do this by mail. I will send you the contract. You will need to sign it and send it back with payment and a photo copy of your drivers license.''

Note: No matter how far away the people live always act as if it's no big deal for them to come down to your office to meet with you. Just don't be the one to suggest doing it through the mail, let them.

Another approach to talking to these people is to say: ''Hello I'm (your name), I'm an independant processor. I spend all day tracking down people who have money owed to them. You have exactly (amount of their refund) coming to you. I'm paid by you only if you choose to pay me for my services which include disclosing the documentation and processing the small amount of paperwork needed for the release of your funds''.

If they say: ''How do I know you're for real?''

You need to say: ''Sir/Ma'am, as soon as we met I will have you sign a contract protecting you and as soon as I'm paid I immediately disclose all documentation and process your claim.''

If they say: ''How long will it take to get my unclaimed funds?''

You need to say: ''It will take approximately 90 days from the day we get together.''

If they say: ''Why should I pay you?''

You should say: ''Sir/Ma'am you don't need to pay me anything, but the money that as been available for over ( ) years is not collecting interest. If you would like to pay me for my services you may or you can let the money stay where it's at for another ( ) years or longer before another processor contacts you''

Note: Again, the number of years the money has been available is easily figured out by subtracting todays date from the date on the tracer listing.

Then you meet face to face

Be very open minded to the understanding that all people are different. Be very honest and be yourself. When they come to your home or office, ask them to have a seat and offer them a glass of water or a cup of coffee. Take a few minutes to answer any questions they may have. However, before you ask them if they have any questions, re-explain why they are there and why they are paying you for your services if they choose to pay you upfront. Unless they get up and leave you have nothing to worry about.

First- Have them sign the contract.

Second- Collect payment.

Third- Show them the state tracer listing with their name on it.

Fourth- Take out the Tracer Found Case form and fill it out.

As mentioned earlier, the spaces on the TFC form labeled ''Date Title Acquired'' ''Date Property Sold if applicable'' ''Date Mortgage was paid off'' can be found out by your client by contacting the lender of that mortgage.

Explain to them that they can call you later with that information and then you can send the TFC form to HUD/FHA. Or you can give them the Tracer Found Case form and tell them to send it off to HUD/FHA as soon as they fill out these spaces.

Explain to them that after two weeks from the date you send off their TFC form, they will receive the ''Notice of Distributive Shares or Premium Refund'' form. Just tell them to fill out the form and send it back to HUD/FHA. Also remember to let them know that they should call their lender and have their lender send them a copy of their mortgage paid in full note. They will need a copy of that document to send to HUD/FHA along with their completed ''Notice of Distributive Shares or Premium Refund'' form.

After that, your job is done. But you will still want to give them your business card or phone number again and tell them to call you if they have any problems.

The ''upfront'' contract

This Contract Is Made This ________ day of _______________,20____ By And Between:

(Your Name), and _________(Their Name or) __________________(Names)_________

I, (Your Name) agree to process all paper work that is necessary for the release $________

that is owed to ______________________. Upon payment of $________

I (Your Name), agree to immediately disclose information and the documents explaining the funds.

I (Your Name), also agree to immediately process all paper work necessary for the release of the funds directly to

_____________(Their Name)_________. The exact amount of the refund is $________.

That's ______________________________ And /100 Dollars.

I ___________________, agree to pay (Your Name) for his services, providing that his services do indeed result in a payment to me in the amount stated above.

I understand that it may or may not take as long as 120 days to receive my United States Treasury Check.

If for any reason (Your Name) does not follow through in processing the paper work necessary for the release of the funds, (Your Name) agrees to pay back all monies received immediately.








Notary Public


The State List Order Form

Mail To:

Department of Housing & Urban Development
HUD Mortgage Insurance Lists
P.O. Box 9500
Springfield, VA 22151

Enter The State Or Field Office Listing Abbreviations
I wish to order the following listings. FEE*






Value of order / Handling
$10.00 or less / $2.00
$10.01 - $50.00 / $4.00
$50.01 - $100.00 / $8.00
over $100.00 / $8.00

Handling Fee ____
Total ____

Method of Payment - payable to HUD: Check One
__ Certified Or Cashier's Check __ Money Order
(no personal checks or cash)

Company Name / Organization

City / State / Zip
Telephone (including area code)

*The Fee Covers Only Document Search And Duplication Costs And Is Not A Charge For Merchandise. Therefore, The Fee Is Non-Refundable.



(I) (We), the undersigned. (am) (are) the claimants entitled to be paid by the Distributive Shares Branch of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Washington DC 20410, a distributive share in the amount of_________, generated by the termination of FHA insurance on FHA case number _________, on a property located at:

___________________________________________ (I) (We) understand that a U.S. Treasury check which is payable to the undersigned in this amount would ordinarily be sent to (me) (us) at (my) (our) home address of:


_________________________________________, however:

(I) (We) hereby authorize and direct HUD to deliver the U.S. Treasury Check in the payment of this claim to:

___________________________ located at ____________________________.

It is expressly understood that this

Power of Attorney does not authorize nor empower anyone other than the undersigned to affix (my) (our) signature(s) to the check.

Signed, this ______day of ______________,20____

Witness Signature

Witness Signature

On this _____ day of ______________, 20____ personally appeared before me;

______________________________________ the person or persons signing this Power of Attorney and acknowledge to me they have executed this instrument as their own act of deed.

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