The Unclaimed Cases

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has permitted the release of these unclaimed cases. Even though the state listings of refund cases are updated monthly it is only necessary to purchase a state listing approximately once every three months.

The following is an actual unclaimed case. First you will see the name of the refund recipient. The address, city, state abbreviation and zip code shows you where their HUD/FHA insured mortgage was paid off. Following the address is the amount of the refund. The 9 digit number following the refund amount is the case number (the case number is needed when completing the Found Case form). And lastly, the date shows you when the refund became available.

PETERSON, LEONARD J 14421 S. 47TH PL PHOENIX, AZ 85044 Amount: $1,134.27 #021-860701 Date: 03/12/1999

Using the above example, you could charge a 20% processing fee which would equal $261. Most cases you process will have approximately the same unclaimed amount as the example above. However, some refunds are much larger therefore your processing fee would increase as well. Keep in mind that you can also charge a ''flat'' fee.

The following is another actual unclaimed case.

DALEY, DOREEN 1879 S. COCHRAN AVE #18 LOS ANGELES, CA. 90019 Amount: $4,909.29 #041-942046 Date: 4/23/1998

If you were to process this unclaimed case, a 20% processing fee would equal $981.

Even If you were to only charge a $75 ''flat'' fee per case, and by working just part-time you helped only one or two people receive their refunds per week, you can then get a good idea of how much earning potential this program offers if you wanted to take it further.

Ordering state listings from HUD/FHA

The following are the prices for state listings available through HUD/FHA -- excluding shipping and handling.

Alabama (AL) $25
Alaska (AK) $20
Arizona (AZ) $40
Arkansas (AR) $20
California (CA) $135
Colorado (CO) $25
Connecticut (CT) $25
Delaware (DE) $20
Dist. of Columbia (D.C.) $20
Florida (FL) $60
Georgia (GA) $30
Hawaii (HI) $20
Idaho (ID) $20
Illinois (IL) $30
Indiana (IN) $30
Iowa (IA) $20
Kansas (KS) $20
Kentucky (KY) $20
Louisiana $25
Maine (ME) $20
Maryland (MD) $25
Massachusetts (MA) $30
Michigan (MI) $45
Minnesota (MN) $25
Mississippi (MS) $25
Missouri (MO) $30
Montana (MT) $20
Nebraska (NE) $20
Nevada (NV) $25
New Hampshire (NH) $20
New Jersey (NJ) $40
New Mexico (NM) $25
New York (NY) $75
North Carolina (NC) $25
North Dakota (ND) $20
Ohio (OH) $35
Oklahoma (OK) $30
Oregon (OR) $25
Pennsylvania (PA) $35
Puerto Rico (PR) $65
Rhode Island (RI) $20
South Carolina (SC) $25
South Dakota (SD) $23
Tennessee (TN) $30
Texas (TX) $70
Utah (UT) $25
Vermont (VT) $20
Virginia (VA) $30
Washington State (WA) $35
West Virginia (WV) $20
Wisconsin (WI) $20
Wyoming (WY) $20

It is important to know that these people have six years to claim their refund from the day it became available. With this in mind be sure to skip cases on the listing that are shown as six years prior to the current date, and beyond.

If you would like to purchase state listings from HUD/FHA you will find the HUD/FHA state listings order form on page 2. Expect approximately four to six weeks for delivery of state listings ordered from HUD/FHA.

Remember that processing just one unclaimed case can pay for these state listings.

United Refund Services includes these unclaimed cases on a state-by-state basis, with the purchase of the quick-start kit.

These state listings will come in sets of 500 cases and will represent the most recently added cases, therefore are the ones you will have the most success with.

These unclaimed cases will be in the form of clickable web links. To view the cases, simply click on the state list link of your choice.

What You Will Get With This Program

The Refund Processor Quick-Start Kit that we offer will provide you with:

  • Easy to understand step-by-step instructions.

  • The Found Case Form which you can simply print out or reduplicate entirely.

  • The payment agreement that both you and the refund recipient sign.

  • The Power of Attorney form which will allow the refund check to be sent to you.

  • The national listing of unclaimed refund cases so you can start immeditately.

    Benefits of The Refund Processor Quick-Start Kit

    The following are just a few benefits of The Refund Processor Quick-Start kit.

  • You can set your own hours.

  • You can work as much or as little as you choose.

  • You will receive the unclaimed cases so you can start immediately.

  • You can have your own home business.

  • There's no selling involved.

  • You can work by yourself, with someone else, or in a group if you want to.

  • You can have the rewarding feeling of helping others.

  • You can make excellent income from the comfort of home.

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