Tracer Found Case

Distributive Share -- Mortgage Insurance Premium Refund

Name ____________________________________

Address ______________________________ Apt. No. ______

City________________________ State ________________ Zip Code __________

Telephone Number (____)________________


FHA Case Number |__|__|__|--|__|__|__|__|__|__| Important. Do not omit.

Name _____________________________________________________________

(First, middle initial and last name)


(Additional Names)

Address ___________________________________________________________

(Street and Apt. No.)


(City, State and Zip Code)

Telephone Number |__|__|__|--|__|__|__|--|__|__|__|__|

(Include Area Code)

Street ________________________________________ Apt No.______

City ____________________________ State_______________ Zip Code __________

Date Title Acquired __________ Date Property Sold, If Applicable __________ Date Mortgage Was Paid Off __________

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is not a party to any financial agreement between the Tracer and the claimant.
Mortgagor(s): I/We, hereby certify that I/We never received a distributive share or premium refund from HUD in connection with this FHA insured mortgage. I/We consent to the above Tracer submitting this form on our behalf.

Signature(s) of Mortgagor(s)

___________________________________________ DATE __________

Forward Your Found Cases To: Department of Housing and Urban Development Distributive Shares Branch P.O. Box 23699 Washington D.C. 20026-3699


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