Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a list of frequently asked questions. We have narrowed down the list to what we think are the most pertinent questions. If you have any further questions after reading this you can contact our office or HUD at (202) 708-1112.

Question: How many people have money coming to them?
Answer: Currently there are approximately 95,000 people nationwide, including the commonwealth of Puerto Rico due refunds as a result of this program.

Question: What's the dollar amount of these refunds?
Answer: The average refunds are approximately $800 to $1,400. The highest refunds are around $5,000.

Question: Why doesn't HUD do this themselves?
Answer: It was determined that the cost involved with creating a division within HUD for the sole purpose of returning this money back to the people would far exceed the cost of allowing people to do this for them independently.

Question: Why didn't the people collect their refund?
Answer: The most common reasons are: 1) Over time most people simply forget that they are entitled to a refund therefore do not contact HUD to claim it. 2) The home was sold and the individual did not provide a forwarding address at the post office. 3) The letter that is sent to them by HUD notifying them of their refund is often mistaken as ''junk mail.''

Question: How do I contact these people?
Answer: In some cases they have simply refinanced their home and can still be contacted at the address shown on the state listing. For the ones that have moved, the internet is a great way to locate these people. There are several free people search directories that our training information illustrates, that will allow you to find these people very quickly. Once you have located a refund recipient you can contact them either by phone or regular postal mailing. You simply choose which approach is best for you. If you decide to write to them you will send this letter using a handwritten envelope. This is a great way to get their attention and to avoid the possibility that they could mistake your letter as ''junk mail.''

Question: Can I get a state listing from HUD and do this on my own?
Answer: Yes, but HUD does not provide training or ''how to'' information. You will not know what to say to these refund recipients and how to get paid for your services. However, United Refund Services does provide complete training information. There will be nothing for you to figure out on your own. United Refund Services provides both the training information as well as the unclaimed cases.

Question: Do I get paid by HUD or by the people who have money owed to them?
Answer: By the people. In no case will HUD make a seperate check payable to you.

Question: How do I decide what processing fee to charge?
Answer: You can charge whatever you feel is fair for your services. A 10% to 20% processing fee is widely considered a program standard. You can charge more than 20% but if you do you might encounter some reluctancy from the refund recipient in acquiring your services. You can even charge a ''flat'' fee.

Question: How much money can I make doing this?
Answer: As with anything, the degree of overall success depends on the work ethic of the individual. If you are self-motivated then you will have better results.

Question: How long will it take me to get paid?
Answer: We will show you two different payment options that you may choose from. One of these options will allow you to be paid after the individual has received their refund, the other will allow you to be paid within a few days of contacting a client.

Question: Once I contact a refund recipient what will stop them from doing this themselves?
Answer: When you contact them you will only inform them that they have an unclaimed refund and that you will help them collect it for a fee. Once they have committed to a payment option, you then disclose the reason for the refund.

Question: Does HUD require you to be licensed?
Answer: No. HUD requires no license because you are not dealing directly with these funds.

Question: Do I have to do a lot of selling to the refund recipient in order for them to be interested in my services?
Not at all. People are very happy when they find out that they have an unclaimed refund and that you will assist them in collecting it. Our program will show you the proper wording to use when notifying a refund recipient of their refund (this is extremely important). Remember, you don't even have to speak to a refund recipient unless you choose to. You will be given a pre-written introductory letter example that you can simply copy and send to them.

Question: What is the purpose of the ''Found Case'' form?
Answer: The ''Found Case'' form is the form you will provide to the refund recipients that you are helping. The top portion of the form is for your information (name, address and telephone #) and the bottom is for the refund recipient to fill out. Once this form is completed it is sent to HUD. At this point your job is done.

Question: Do the people need to pay taxes on these refunds?
Answer: No, they do not have to report their refund on their income taxes.

Question: Do I need to have experience or a background in any certain field to be able to do this?
Answer: No experience is necessary. You will know how to process these refunds after reading over the simple instructions that are included in our training information. Reading over the training information will take you about 30 minutes or so.

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